Welcome To Fire & Ice

karaoke, drinks, Indian restaurant in Yangon, Myanmar


The Fire & Ice restaurant was established in 2017. Ever since its inception, Fire & Ice has worked tirelessly and amazingly to serve their customers with the best quality of services. Setting the benchmark for others, it has become one of the leaders in the sector within such a short time period. Its wide range of dishes combined with the wonderful hospitality makes Fire & Ice stand out amongst others. Be it event planning, catering services, decoration for parties, or a fine-dine with your loved ones, Fire & Ice is at your service. So, come and join the Fire & Ice family now!

Quality Assurance

 We assure you the best quality service. We believe that satisfying a customer’s heart is the most important duty and providing it in the best premium quality is our hallmark.

We are Certified

The Fire & Ice Restaurant also ensured to certify themselves with all the necessary licenses and certificates and does not give place for any complaints or grievances.

Cup Of Coffee

Reaching a customer’s heart through his tummy is our motto and providing it with pocket-friendly prices is our duty. So well it’s not everyone’s cup of coffee but we are well trained with it.

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