India rules the world when it comes to street food. Street food is characterised as food and beverages sold on the streets by hawkers and vendors in portable stalls and carts. India has a lot more to come than aloo chaat and tikkas. Every region of India has its own specialisation, whether it is in the north, south, east, or west. Indian street food is unique in that it is made with a medley of exotic spices and ingredients. Apart from Indians, a significant number of foreign tourists swear by Indian street food.

The flavours of Indian street food, or simply chaat, are sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. Chaat is distinct in that it often incorporates all four of these flavours into a single dish through the inventive use of ingredients. The vast taste palette that infuses chaat includes indigenous flavouring ingredients as well as those borrowed from neighbouring countries and cuisines. Though chaat is usually flavoured with dry spice blends, several varieties are also served with local condiments that are sprinkled, drizzled, or poured over the snacks.

Here are some of the famous Indian street food

1. Dabeli

Dabeli, which is said to have originated in Gujarat’s Kutch area, is a unique combination of softness and crunch in one bite. When you arrive in Gujarat, you’ll find broad streets and narrow lanes lined with dabeli stalls. This delicious vada pav cousin is made by stuffing spiced potato mixture into buttered paos and grilling them on a Tawa. This delicacy is made with a special dabeli masala, as well as garlic and tamarind chutney. To give the dish a little more crunch, generous amounts of sev gathia and juicy pomegranate seeds are sprinkled on top. This famous Indian street food is also popular in Maharashtra, where locals rave about it.

2. Kathi Rolls

There is no doubt that Kolkata is known for its kathi rolls; a walk through Kolkata’s streets would confirm this. Kathi rolls, made with a delectable filling of kebabs and raw vegetables, are a visual as well as a gustatory delight. The filling is stuffed inside a flaky and crispy maida-based paratha. A ride to Park Street in Kolkata isn’t complete without a serving of kathi rolls.

3. Nagori Halwa and Bedmi Puri

Any foodie would go nuts for this mix of sweet and savory flavors. Almost every Delhiites favorite breakfast choice is bedmi aloo sabzi with nagori puri and halwa. These puris stuffed with dal are served with a potato-based curry and sooji halwa. It’s a full meal in and of itself, and it’s better enjoyed with a chilled glass of sweet lassi.

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4. Mirchi ke Pakode

Jodhpuri mirchi vada is another name for this popular Rajasthani street snack. Above all, the enjoyment of eating broad green chillies that have been split open and filled with a spicy potato filling is unrivalled. The crispy deep-fried coating, which is applied after dipping the mirchis in besan batter, makes this Rajasthani street food even more delicious. You’re done for the day if you serve it with some coriander chutney.

5. Kanji Vada

This spicy and flavorful drink, made with rai, chilli, and mustard, is a popular street food. It is prepared with a variety of salts and fermented for about three days. Anyone will drool over bite-sized moong dal vadas dipped in tangy mustard-flavored kanji. It tastes best when eaten chilled.

6. Chole Bhature

Foodies have gone crazy for this Punjabi street food. If you’re looking for comfort food, chhole bhature is a great match. Every foodie’s dream comes true when puffy hot bhaturas are paired with spicy and creamy choose. If you happen to be in Punjab, you’ll definitely come across a slew of street vendors selling this delicacy. Make the most of this delicacy by serving it with a tall glass of chilled lassi.

7. Misal Pav

Misal pavis is a spicy, flavorful curry from Maharashtra that is popular all over the country. This street food is made with moth bean sprouts and a mix of spices, then topped with chivda, sev, chopped coriander, green chilli, and other ingredients. If you really want to taste the true flavours of this spicy and thick curry, serve it with buttered and toasted paos. If you try this Maharashtrian street food only once, you’ll be asking for more.

8. Poha Jalebi

Since it’s a blend of two incredibly flavorful delights – poha and jalebi – this delicacy from the streets of Indore is known for its tantalising flavours. It’s a light but filling breakfast option that’s also relatively inexpensive. Sev, peanuts, and sometimes tomato and pomegranate are added to the poha. It’s then accompanied by steaming jalebis.

9. Paani Patashe

One dish with many names. Yeah, we’re debating gol gappas. In a country as diverse as India, each state has its own distinct specialty. Some people refer to it as pani puris and gol gappas, while others refer to it as puchkas, gup chup, or even paani ke patashe in some states.

Pani ke patashe, as it is known in parts of Uttar Pradesh, is a delectable street-side delicacy that is enjoyed by both children and adults. This light street snack is also known as phulki in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Above all, the pleasure of eating crispy atta or suji puris packed with tangy soup, chickpeas, mashed potato, and a medley of spices. Aren’t you salivating already?

10. Aloo Tikki Chaat

This is for all of you potato fans out there. The ever-so-delectable aloo tikki and aloo chaat certainly top the charts when it comes to street food choices. People all over the world enjoy these two iconic street food treats, which come in a range of flavours. Bite-sized pieces of potatoes tossed in a tamarind-coriander chutney are delicious. A stuffed aloo tikki, on the other hand, tastes best when filled with moong dal and a blend of Indian spices. Shakarkandi (sweet potato) is another seasonal chaat specialty that is only available during the colder months. This winter street food is made by combining bite-sized pieces of shakarkandi with a spicy masala blend, and it will leave you wanting more.


Street food is an important part of understanding a new place and its diverse culture, but in India, street food is more than that. Indian street food is a way of life in India. Every country, state, and even city has its own specialties that locals adore. Indian street food has an exotic fragrance and taste due to unique spice and herb combinations.

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