Momos are delicious dumplings filled with a variety of ground meats (sheep, chicken, and sheep) and vegetables. These steamed dumplings which have for quite some time been a huge piece of Tibetan and Nepali cooking styles have step by step earned numerous fans the nation over. From Delhi to Mumbai and Kolkata to Bengaluru, Momos have effectively attacked eateries, bistros, and road food admission. Such is the affection for this heavenly bite, frequently presented with red hot chutney, that individuals are currently exploring different avenues regarding many energizing flavors and approaches to serve them. From Tandoori Momos and Pan Fried Momos to solid wheat assortment. 

This customary delicacy was at first made in a round shape with meat and vegetable stuffing; however, now you can discover different kinds and types of momo fit as a fiddle, size, and stuffing. Momo is generally presented with a plunging delicious sauce.


Different types of fillings are:

  • Meat: Different types of meat fillings are well known in various locales. In Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling region, Sikkim, and Bhutan, pork, chicken, goat meat, and wild ox meat are normally utilized. In the Himalayan area of Nepal, India, sheep and yak meat are more normal. Some or more of the following ingredients are combined with minced meat: onions/shallots, garlic, ginger, and cilantro/coriander. A few people likewise add finely puréed tomatoes and soy sauce.
  • Vegetables: Finely hacked cabbage, carrot, soy granules, potato, level bean, or chayote are utilized as fillings in India and Nepal. 
  • Cheese: Usually made out of Paneer or the conventional delicate chhurpi is utilized. This assortment is normal in India and Eastern Nepal. 
  • Khoa: Momo loaded up with milk solids blended in with sugar are well known as sweet in the Kathmandu valley

There is an unquestionable love for road food that is unequaled. Also, momos appear to be perhaps the most-cherished decisions nowadays. The dumpling delight has accumulated a shocking measure of fan following – while some favor steamed momos, others love the roasted adaptation of the tidbit. The publicity of momos is with the end goal that one can discover a momo slow down in each niche and corner of India. Presently one can locate a gigantic assortment of momos in different cafés and bistros. 

Types of Momos

Steamed momos

These thickly wrapped Momos are full to the center with Paneer, Vegetables and Soya Chunks. A filling plate of these Momos is the ideal (comfort) food for nippy winter nights. 

Seared momos

These firm Momos achieve their dazzling surface since they are loaded up with sauteed vegetables and are then southern style until they go to lovely brilliant earthy colors. Dunk them into some garlic mayonnaise, and you will have a fountain of flavors rushing in your mouth.

Baked momos

Baked momos are an extremely delicious delight. The rich flavor of these momos is sure to tempt your taste buds.

Sauce tandoori momos

Marinated and simmered in the oven, this interesting style of momos is presented with sauce. Trust us, you will cherish this desi tadka to plain momos! 

Jhol momos

Local to Nepalese cooking, these momos are dunked in a bowl of jhol achar (a sort of sauce). Hot, zesty, and tart, are a treat to the taste buds, especially in the colder months. 

Spread chicken momos

In all fairness, there’s also something called BBQ momos, and the spread chicken momos are the star of this menu. The conventional chicken momos are filled with chicken sauce to add the ideal Punjabi tadka to the dish. 

Chocolate momos

This combination, which blends two of the most flavorful foods on the planet, tastes delicious! Loaded up with chocolate sauce and covered again with more chocolate on the top, this is a superb treat to all with a sweet tooth out there. 

Kothe momos

These seared momos are the Himalayan release of your ordinary momos. They are dunked in enticing sauces to give them their remarkable flavor. The sauce you choose is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. You can browse schezwan sauce, bean stew garlic sauce, pesto sauce, or some other sauce. 

Stew momos

If you are in for something hot and fiery, you will cherish these steamed momos plunged in hot stew sauce, soya sauce, and ketchup. Prepare to set your taste buds ablaze! 

Masala momos

Arranged in Chinese sauce, masala momos are again an euphoria for the individuals who are infatuated with everything hot. 

Wheat momos

All you wellbeing cognizant individuals out there, this is an entire plate of goodness for you to eat with no blame. These Momos are made with Wheat, and that is the ideal pardon to eat however many plates as you need. Mint Chutney or Hot Sauce functions admirably with these Momos. 

Mozzarella achari cheese momos

The mix of the messy and achari marinade feels like paradise to the connoisseur. Again, the option of filling is entirely yours-paneer, chicken, or vegetables, whatever appeals to you the most.

Shogo shabril momos

The exemplary mix of potatoes and meat, these delectable momos are presented with pudina or pepper-stew chutney. 

Au Gratin momos

Consistent with its name, this delicacy is first seared and afterward finished off with white cream, fresh noodles, and cheddar before it is heated. 

Baked malai momos

These are the velvety form of roasted momos, these dumplings are stacked with yogurt, cream, and tons of flavors. 

Kurkure momos

A serious fierceness in Delhi, kurkure momos are steamed momos that are covered with a crunchy base and afterward broiled. The decision of stuffing fluctuates from paneer and chicken to fish and veggies. 

Vodka momos

Do you understand what makes this boozy rendition of momos exceptional? unquestionably, the excess of alcohol! The hitter is set up with vodka. In addition, the stuffings have a nice amount of vodka. The fresh layer of onions and garlic add to the astounding flavor.


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